Facebook Page Design

Social media has transformed how consumers and customers use the Internet to stay connected.

There were 750 million active users on Facebook according to the Facebook time line in 2011.

Can your business afford to miss the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of potential customers? Do you want to leave all that to your competitors who are active on Social Media?

fpd_2 People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. People are much more interested to hear about products or services from their friends than from advertisements. Social Media is all about word of mouth.

We can create for you a custom-designed Facebook page with information about your business, products, client testimonials, reviews, videos, etc.The possibilities are endless…

Bring your existing network onto Facebook and provide timely and relevant updates. People like to share what they love.

Rather than using the default Facebook page format, you will get greater attention with a custom designed page.

We can do your Facebook page with competitive technology and make it like a mini website with vital elements of your primary website or a mini shopping cart solution. Remember, this is a crowd of over 750 million active users. All of whom are potential viewers of your Facebook business page.


You can even have separate tabs designed as landing pages for content entry or newsletter registration.

People love to hear about the companies they are related or connected to. So keep them updated and post every time you have an event, release a new product, hire an employee, win an award or land a big contract.

You can have only one profile on Facebook, but you can have many pages and an unlimited number of tabs per page. Tabs like: Products, About Company, Reviews, Testimonials, Videos, News, etc.

We not only design the Facebook page but also design the sidebar, the profile picture. You can have your brand identity, promotional message, offers, seasonal greetings, testimonials, and call to action words. People often pay more attention to the sidebar than the page

fpd_6 We constantly keep an eye on the changing trends of social media and so our design team is able to design attractive professional social profiles with the latest technology.

We can make your Facebook page function like a real person. What do we mean? Well, you may know about the “Like” option on Facebook. If you have an offer or a discount coupon, you can show them only for those people who like your page

We know you are busy talking to customers, dealing with employees, taking orders or running your business. You just don’t have the time for social media. But we have the right team to design and monitor your social media presence. We have dedicated Social Media Management services and we can set strategic plans customized especially for your business. fpd_7
fpd_8 Getting started is easy. We simply ask you for some information about your business and use information already on your website, if you have one. Simple and humble, we will have your first page designed in hours and you are ready to get active on Facebook with confidence.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with marketing your products or services on Facebook.